K List

"Young Stanley Bolinski was raised by two drunken and abusive parents. While lying upon his deathbed, his grandfather gives him a gift that will truly last a lifetime. Stanley's grandfather relinquishes his own dark angel of death to now look after his grandson. From that day forward, a bond is formed which soon blazes a trail of death and destruction throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, along with a side trip through thesteamy jungles of the Vietnam War.

Mark Atkinson, Investigator with the Cold Case Unit in New Hampshire, develops a theory to help solve a series of seemingly unsolvable murders. His dogged determination places him on the trail of a brazen killer whose body count numbers seem to be growing by the day. Mark and a team of talented colleagues close in on a prime suspect, and his evil companion, the dark angel. Much more than mortal justice for the victims and their families is on the line. Eternal justice is also at stake. Just who is hunting who, in this thriller?"

Baxter Falls

The small and desperately dying community of Baxter Falls, New Hampshire is situated on a very isolated stretch of State Route 3. It is located halfway between the Towns of Stratford and North Stratford, on the western side of the State, in the North Country region of NH.

Back in the 1920's, it was a thriving small community deeply steeped in the logging industry with a population topping out at 2,106. Today, its population has dwindled down to 47.

Now, Baxter Falls finds itself in the grip of a record setting blizzard. The paralyzing storm arrives on the same weekend as the closing of the last business in Town, Betty's Diner. A high adventure hiker, a stranger, arrives at the beginning of the storm. This mysterious stranger has chosen Baxter Falls for a very special reason. He has come here, under cover of the blizzard, to ensure the dying community's destiny is fulfilled!

Will anyone in Baxter Falls survive?

The Knights of St. Michael - The Recruitment

" It was mid-summer in 1187 and the Knights Templar, were holding up in Jerusalem, which was surrounded and under siege by Salazin's forces. God was displeased with some of the conduct of these "Soldiers of God."

God sent his most faithful warrior , St. Michael to speak with a small group of the most devout Knights. He recruited them to become special warriors, truly devoted to God, and tasked with fighting the forces of evil led by Satan anywhere in the world.

These newly recruited Knights of St. Michael were also imbued with unique powers or gifts that they had to learn to master. These gifts could be passed down through the ages to their descendants. These special powers could only become active once the descendant agrees to become a Knight. Then, these new recruits must be trained and taught the ways of the Knights of St. Michael.

The latest recruits are now being hunted by forces loyal to Satan. Killing them before they can be trained by the few remaining and active Knights is a priority for Satan's minions. This is the time when the Knighthood is weakest.

This battle has gone on for centuries and never before has evil been this close to destroying the "Soldiers of God."

But there is a secret force that not even Satan's own army of followers can easily defeat and that weapon has decided to join in the fight on the side of the new recruits!

Let the battle begin!"

Richard L. Hatin