Richard Hatin

About the Author

I have three great passions in life, aside from my devotion to my family.


My first and greatest passion is to explore the eternal conflict of good versus evil.  As a young child I was hooked on stories from the Bible.  I was schooled early on that “good always triumphs over evil.”    What gets overlooked in that perspective is that evil may lose in the end, but it sure can produce a great deal of pain and suffering until it is defeated.  By now it is obvious that evil doesn’t keep a score card!


My second greatest passion is observation.  I thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to people, their voices, their body language, and their emotions.  How people react to one another and to events is deeply fascinating.  What do we fear?  What do we yearn for?  What do we lust for?  What do we need?  What would we sacrifice?  These and many more questions when answered, serve to peel back the many layers we all wrap ourselves in.  The answers serve as seed for a story not yet told!


My third greatest passion is reading.  I love to read.  I am a voracious reader.  I have been reading since I was barely four years old.  My earliest reading evolved quickly.  I consumed the classics.  I truly enjoy and admire authors such as Stephen King, whom I idolize.  I also love the work of Tom Clancy, Anne RiceNora Roberts and her pseudonym J.D Robb books.  I am a huge fan of Brad Thor, Stephanie Meyers, J. K. Rowling, James PattersonDan Brown and David Baldacci.  And there are dozens more that I equally enjoy.

So now, my life’s journey is focused upon and embracing a new and more powerful passion.  Long have I sampled the wondrous creations of so many authors!   I now yield to the siren call to create and share my own stories; to tell stories rich with conflict between good and evil, to tell these stories through fictional people whose troubled lives I lay out before the reader. 

Dear reader, it is you who eternally holds in your hands and in your minds-eye total control over the urge to turn the page.  I pray that this urge may now beckon once more; that it calls out to each of you once again. This urge to find adventure through reading is calling to you once more; know that it can not be satiated.  It must be fed, again!

Please join me on a new, dark and mysterious journey!

Do you dare resist?