Richard Hatin

Current Projects

"In Sutton, Vermont, in 1843 a coven was formed devoted to Satan.  The cabal of devil worshippers was recruited by Satan’s ever loyal servant, the purely evil Moloch.

One member broke ranks and he and his family were slaughtered by his fellow coven members, out of revenge for frustrating their promise to Satan and his covenant of promised unimaginable rewards.  Somehow an infant child survived.   The child was then hunted by the other members without success.  Now the descendants of that first coven, several generations later, are closing in on the last descendant of the infant that had escaped that fateful night. 

The hunt is on!  The long ago promise to Satan may at last be fulfilled.  All they need, is to get their hands on the long ago lost member’s descendant, Aaron Bailey, to make whole their deeply evil coven; and, fulfill their ancestor’s hideous bargain with the devil. 

Aaron must learn of his hidden past, forge new alliances and with aid from an unlikely source perhaps have a chance to bring an end to this madness; and, even live to tell about it!

These promise Keepers are getting oh, so very close!

And then……….!"